Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So yeah: I'm beginning a weeklong contest today. The rules? They're simple.

Either in the comments section of this post or on my Facebook page, leave me a few words about your favorite mystery/thriller writer. One sentence, two sentences--it doesn't matter. Just tell me who you love to read and why.

I will pick three winners, and they each will receive an advanced copy of DOMINANCE. The novel will be released on July 5th, so you will get it more than a month ahead of time. Can't beat that.

The contest will run from Tuesday May 31st to Tuesday June 7th. Good luck!


  1. Stephen King-He is the reason I love to read for pleasure. Read my first book (for pleasure) in 7th grade (The Talisman) been an avid reader ever since. I owe him my entire literary world!

  2. Walter Mosley writes characters choosing whats right versus whats legal.

  3. Ira Levin wrote my favorite thriller "A Kiss Before Dying" before he wrote "Rosemary's Baby". I loved them both, but "A Kiss Before Dying" is like a perfectly constructed thrill ride with unexpected twists and turns that keep you guessing from page one to the very end.

  4. Carol, thanks so much for mentioning Ira Levin. Outside of Stephen King, Levin is probably the writer that has had the greatest impact on me. That famous twist in A KISS BEFORE DYING is absolutely impossible to see coming.

    Thanks for entering the contest, everyone who's commented so far, and best of luck.

  5. I've never read "A Kiss Before Dying." Maybe I should add it to my TBR pile! Stephen King has long been a fave - his stories come to life for me... he uses common everyday things to scare the crap out of you... I love it! I also love Harlan Coben for his dialogue... Love Myron Bolitar & Win!!

  6. The drawing for the free advance copy of DOMINANCE happened today. One of the winners came from the comments section of the blog: sisterofkentucky. Please send me your contact information at willrlavender at gmail.com, and Simon & Schuster will get you a copy of the book. And thanks so much to everyone for entering the contest. Please keep checking my blog and my Facebook page, as there will be more contests coming up over the next month.